Dry Needling

dry needling glen burnie mdKURE Pain offers pain therapies and treatments for comprehensive and holistic pain management. Dry Needling is a holistic procedure that can help to relieve pain by resetting the muscle tissue. Dry needling is especially effective for spinal pain patients but may be used for other chronic pain disorders. Ask your KURE Pain doctor how dry needling can play a part in your pain management treatment plan.

What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is the use of a monofilament inserted into the muscle belly of dysfunctional tissue to reset the muscle spindles. The goal is to achieve a muscle twitch response. Even without the twitch response, we see reductions in pain levels and spontaneous electrical activity of nerves. The goal is to reset these dysfunctional muscle tissues and reinforce proper muscle contraction.

Dry needling presents minimal side effects and is a drug-free, minimally invasive procedure that can help patients find relief. Our chronic spine pain patients are often prime candidates for dry needling. We are not limited to performing dry needling to the spine (specifically multifidi). Dry needling can also be used in commonly problematic muscle groups such as the upper trapezius, glutes, along with the suboccipital region, latissimus dorsi. The extremities can benefit from dry needling aswell.

Patients who are experiencing pregnancy, immunocompromised individuals, uncontrolled bleeding disorders/uncontrolled anticoagulant use, within 6 weeks post-op of any kind, and within 12 weeks of surgery directly in the area identified to be needled should not receive treatment. It’s important to note that dry needling is NOT acupuncture although it uses a similar instrument, that is where the similarities end.

Dry Needling

KURE pain offers dry needling in many of our locations throughout Maryland, Deleware, and Michigan. Find a KURE pain location near you to learn what treatments we offer to help you manage your pain.